Meet Jane Siegel


YNCC-picture“Connecting to your spiritual center on a daily basis is an important part of self care.  Maintaining this connection to your belief system and the universe helps you to stay grounded. It also helps to provide the energy you need to move forward in faith. Learning to protect your energy is essential!  Your energy is the vitality of life. Allowing someone or something to negatively impact your energy will ultimately drain you of your power. Learning to use the art of meditation and/or prayer helps to serve as a means of protecting and guiding your spiritual self.”            -Jane

Are you going through a really difficult time, a time of transition and change? Possibly you are feeling confused, have low energy, depression, anxiety and more stress than usual? Are you experiencing a time when your world is overwhelming, where everything seems upside down and out of balance?  If so I believe I can help! For 30+ years I have counseled and coached individuals, couples, families and entrepreneurs to effect positive change. My excellent intuitive and listening skills have consistently helped my clients reach new levels of awareness, insight and personal growth. I am a Professional Coach, Marriage/Family Therapist, Professional Counselor, Career Counselor, certified Noble Purpose and 2 Young 2 Retire facilitator …. and I look forward to talking with you!

Partnering with you is very important to me as a helping JaneFamilyprofessional… working together to find direction, realize your gifts and move toward your goals. I will also help with difficult communication. I often suggest assessments, homework, and as well as using a journal. These and other excellent tools will help you get clear, keep you real, current and action oriented.”